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I Can't Vote for Trump: Four Moments that Influenced a Mother's Vote.

One week from now we will be casting our vote for the President of the United States of America. My hope is that this person is someone that my son can look up to while he is growing into a young man. The President is a person like all of us, and isn't perfect by any means. However, Donald Trump has time-after-time dismissed and mocked so many people, without any admission to fault, that it is shocking. These are some of those moments that led me to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton.

My son is 1/4 Mexican and my father is from a small town called San Jose de la Paz, Mexico. Children have ears and hear and they have heard the false language that has been used to describe the Mexican people, which is unfortunately shaping their perspective to see Mexicans as horrible people. Though Christian looks very white, I still want him to be very proud of his heritage and not feel as though he lives in a world in which he needs to conceal it. Rather, I hope he lives in a nation that has a leader that appreciates and understands the sacrifice and contribution the Mexican people have made. Who understands that our nation was built on the hopes and hard work of immigrants. Clinton said, "America is a nation of immigrants, and we should treat those who come to our country with dignity and respect." That is the America I hope my son will live in.

Christian will be taught that it is never acceptable to mock others, especially those with disabilities. My goal as a parent is to raise a son that always sees the person before the preconception. My hope is by teaching Christian to see those with disabilities as people is that he will learn to understand and respect those who are different than he is and appreciate their unique qualities. And that when he sees these individuals being bullied that he does not succumb to their fear and watch silently as it happens but rather stands up for those who may not be able to defend themselves.

I think all mothers across party lines were disturbed by the language the republican nominee used towards women because, unlike his other insults, it was a confession of sexual abuse related to his power. As a mother of a son, I was especially horrified. The thought of Christian engaging in such "locker room" talk is appalling and makes me shudder at the possibility of that being my son. Christian comes from a slew of strong women. His grandmother and great grandmother are strong pillars in the family. And I, having raised myself out of poverty on my own, believe that women are capable of doing anything. I hope Christian lives in a world where all women, like his mother and grandmother, are treated with fairness and respect.

Christian will be taught about the importance of compassion. That when he sees others in need that he is moved beyond measure to help them. The refugee crisis is heartbreaking and the images of dead children washed ashore continues to haunt me. I hope that I will raise a son that sees these images and is moved to help. That he doesn't live in a world led by a leader that sees these children as a threat. As a terrorist. But as a child in need. And more importantly, I hope that he doesn't turn his back on them. But rather has open arms for those who are oppressed and marginalized and does everything that he can to help ease their suffering.

Like most parents, I want to ensure that I am raising a young man that has a strong moral compass. And the only way to achieve that is by teaching Christian how to treat those around him through love, kindness and compassion. The best teachable moments for our children are usually found in the way we act in our every day moments and how we treat others. Therefore, I cannot vote for an individual who does not exemplify the very basic standards of human decency that I hold my own son to.



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