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Kids and Keeneland

Fall is an exciting time of the year for a lot of us. The weather begins to cool and the trees burst with an array of colors. We pull out our cozy sweaters and boots and sip on all things pumpkin spice while decorating our homes for the upcoming holidays. It's a special time of the year, but even more special if you live in Kentucky. For we enjoy all of those autumn traditions plus the beauty and excitement of the horse races at Keeneland.

Though we have enjoyed taking our son to the the fall festivals and pumpkin patches they all begin to blend together. Once you've been to one you've honestly been to them all. So in an effort to change up our weekend we decided to head to the Keeneland horse race track, something we loved to do when were in college, which included a lot of day drinking memories. We knew we would have a good time, but we weren't too sure if Keeneland would be a kid-friendly atmosphere or not. Let's just say that we were pleasantly surprised.

As we approached the gate we were asked if were members of the Kids Club. Keeneland encourages parents to bring their children to the track and offer a Kids Club that provides fun activities for the children such as face painting, pictures in the jockey's silk and getting to pet the horses. The club is free to join and allows a parent to enter the track for free with their child. This accommodation encourages mother's to dress up, pack the kids up and head out to the track for a great parent's day out.

Once inside Keeneland, you are greeted by the most beautiful paddock. The intimate setting allows for visitors to admire the horses close up before heading out to race. Not only are you greeted by beautiful horses in a beautiful surrounding, but also surrounded by the most beautifully dressed mothers. In Kentucky, it is tradition to be dressed to the nines when heading to the track. Hats and heels aren't just for the Kentucky Derby.

If you're like us and tired of taking your kids to the same old pumpkin patch this fall then get dressed up and head over to Lexington, Kentucky. While you are there enjoy a drink, place a bet and let the kids enjoy the activities that Keeneland has to offer. I guarantee that ya'll will have a great time and maybe even start a new family fall tradition.


Go here for Keeneland's fall meet schedule.

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