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meet angel hamilton.

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Finding Beauty

meet sara, ellington, and holden.

When did you become interested in clothing and style?

I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in what I was wearing and in the style of those around me! That by no means implies that my style was always great (I'll go to my grave denying that my first grade picture is really me in an O'Neal Orlando Magic jersey). I am from a large family, full of siblings and cousins and I was constantly in hand me downs. I can remember resenting that at times, but my mom made sure I had every color of denim they made...even if they were the Chic brand from K-Mart!

As time went on I learned that your style says so much about who you are and at what place you are in your life. Just like I have changed as a person through different phases in my life, my style has evolved. I am in full on wife and mom mode now and that certainly shows in my everyday style. Being Momma to 3 babies (2 Earthly and 1 Heavenly), with my 2 littlest only 14 months apart, can definitely limit my choices. But I wouldn't trade all the couture clothes in the world for my spit up stained tops and comfortable flats!

What are the foundational pieces of your wardrobe?

I would say that my typical foundation piece is a dress. I love how it is a whole outfit without any need to add another clothing article to it. I can throw them on with flip flips, dress them up with a heel or wedge, or add a little bit of edge with some booties or a fun accessory. They are also so easy to layer and they make getting dressed quickly a breeze!

That being said, I am still nursing and there are very few stylish dresses that make feeding my little man an easy task. So currently, I am living in skinnies and whatever top fits my destination. That is often a distressed vintage style V-neck from Target (I seriously have them in about 10 colors). They are so comfortable, easy to throw on, wash like a dream, and so simple to style with dainty accessories and cute shoes if I'm feeling festive.

I'm not huge on accessories and I typically keep it simple. I live in stud earrings (I have several pairs that I alternate), my Moon & Lola initial necklace (I am dying for a new TINY one with my babies initials incorporated), my wedding band set, and a few stacked bangles with my Michael Kors watch (my husband's gift to me on our wedding day). For shoes I live in flats or wedges. I used to run errands in 4 inch heels, but to be honest it's not comfortable or practical at this stage in my ankles are borderline arthritic (OK, I'm exaggerating a little) and my 20 month old is faster than I am barefoot!

Have these pieces evolved since motherhood?

Absolutely! For one, I am now a wife and mother, and I think it's important for me to portray that in how I dress. I try to keep my clothing choices fairly modest, and I also try to flatter my body which has created and nourished 2 tiny humans, but certainly does not look like it once did underneath these clothes (can I get an amen?). The best way I have found to do this is that I now look at fabrics and the shapes of garments so much more than I ever did before. I am currently preferring more structured clothing styles and I am avoiding stretchy materials like the plague.

I also have to consider how I will feed my son in public and I take into account that I will ALWAYS (and I do mean always) have at least one baby pulling at my top or needing to be carried or cuddled. It's important for me to feel confident in what I'm wearing, and even to feel a little bit sexy (oh yes, I used the "s" word) for my husband on occasion. In order to do that I try and highlight the asset that I am most confident about and keep everything else covered. For instance, if I'm wearing a skirt for date night that is a little bit shorter than I would normally wear, I am going to keep everything else under wraps. There is a certain sexiness that comes with leaving something to the imagination, I am appreciating this more and more with time.

How will you describe beauty to your daughter and son?

I hope that I am able to portray that beauty is not something that can be found in a brand or on a label; it can't be added to with make-up or taken away by a bad hair day. True beauty is found in a person's confidence, in their ability to engage others, and to find the good in ALL people. I pray that my children will develop open minds and hearts that can spot beauty in even the most barren spot. I think the world could use a little bit more of that.


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