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Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer.

Goodbye to Christian's first words. Goodbye to the first time he will crawl. Goodbye to the first time he tried food. Goodbye to first haircuts. Goodbye to the first time he reached for me. Goodbye to the days he fell asleep in my arms. Goodbye to our first vacation. Goodbye to the days when I fed you. Goodbye to the first time he felt the grass.

Goodbye to my babies first. All that took place in a summer that is now gone.

Hello Fall.

Hello to first costumes and pumpkin pickin'. Hello to his first Thanksgiving. Hello to first steps and first falls. Hello to playing in the leaves for the first time. Hello to his first birthday and eating cake and blowing out candles.

Hello Fall. I can't wait to make memories with my son with you. But promise not to go so quickly for that means my boy will be older with fewer first to be had.

What are you saying goodbye to this summer? What does the fall bring for you and your family?

(Keep your memories in this darling book.)

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