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meet angel hamilton.

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Boys Just Wanna Have Fun...Clothes.

meet amy and mesa.

Seems like mom's get excited about dressing a baby girl. Do you think it's just as fun to dress a boy?

I do NOW. When I found out it was a boy I remember thinking, "But I don't know how to dress a boy!" I wanted him to have a fun and cool style that reflects a little bit of his dad's style and a little bit of mine. There are a few stores and brands that make clothes for boys that are comfortable and cool and I have fun with it now. It's all about stepping outside of the box if you really want to have fun shopping for little boys. It's easy to grab athletic clothes for the little guys because that is what we see at the stores. I shop mostly online for him because there is so much more out there than what the stores offer.

Why do you think parents feel like boys do not have "fun" clothing?

I think girls are naturally more fun to dress because you can accessorize and that's fun! But, it can be fun for us "boy moms" too. I try to find fun hats and shoes for my son that add a little style to a simple casual outfit. I probably have a little too much fun with shoes but it kind of runs in the family. Mesa lives in play clothes but I try to give him a little edge and style with a fun shoe.

How would you describe Mesa's style?

This question makes me smile. I love Mesa's style but maybe that's because it is a reflection of my own style and I've had a lot of fun with it. We lived on the west coast for a few years and I feel like that is where I really fell into my own style. I learned that dressing in what makes you comfortable and confident is what always looks the best. I think we are super casual and sporty people. So If I had to call Mesa's style something I would say it's casually cool. He lives in play clothes for the most part but even t-shirt and sweatpants can be fun and stylish.

What are your favorite spots to find clothes?

I LOVE Zara, H&M, American Apparel and the "Tucker and Tate" brand on Nordstrom for Mesa. I shop GAP and Nordstrom Rack often in town. You can find great shoes at the "Rack" and they carry some of the same clothing brands that Nordstrom carries for the little guys.

For me- I really like Liv boutique in town. She carries a great mix of things and price points for everyone. Bevello at Oxmore has become one of my favorites lately. They carry a great mix of brands that I love and have a cool casual vibe that I love. I really shop online mostly because I can do it after I put Mesa down to sleep..with a glass of wine. I shop because I know the brands that work for me and that is key to online shopping.

Share something that you have discovered since having Mesa?

I just want to feel good in my own skin. After becoming a mom I realized that I don't need to be dressed up and in heels to feel pretty or put together. I feel my best when I'm in jeans and a t-shirt. I have more gray t-shirts than I could ever need but you have to change on the fly as a mom. Kids are messy and that means I get messy. So I stock up on the things I love and the things I feel good in. I do LOVE a great pair of unexpected sneakers. It says, "I had five minutes to get myself ready but I'm still cool....right?"


amy's look:

mesa's look:

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